Careers @ GeoMash

Careers at GeoMash

We're more than just a group of skilled consultants, architects, engineers, developers, analysts, designers, cartographers, scientists and writers, we're a team of highly passionate people who believe in creating an environment where our employees can work, play and develop in equal measure. And we're growing. Fast.

Who We're Looking For

If you're a talented individual with bold new ideas and the appetite to make them into a reality, then read on. We're looking for hard workers who can communicate, collaborate and contribute to our unique work environment. The pace is fast and the work is challenging, but the rewards are great and the potential is limited only to your imagination.

We employ only the brightest candidates and you must be passionate about your chosen field of expertise. You'll have the opportunity to work within an international environment on interesting projects using the latest technology.

Working at GeoMash

We encourage innovation at every level. New ideas are not only welcomed, they are expected and rewarded.

You will constantly be challenged with interesting projects and will have the opportunity to learn and work with the latest technologies. 
We work hard, but we play hard too. We're not all about work and we believe that a healthy balance between work, play and family is essential to success.

BYOD (not MYOB, thats different). Mac or PC, your choice of OS and favourite tools. Work the way you want to, with your favourite hardware, OS and software.


At GeoMash we firmly believe that a healthy balance between work, play and family is essential to employee success and wellbeing. While being committed to our work, we're also committed to enjoying ourselves as well.

Our lounge area comes fully equipped with gaming consoles, large refrigerator and espresso machine. Throw in a comfy couch for naps, 60" flat screen TV for movies, a few Nerf guns for sport, and you've got an environment that encourages creativity without the pressures of a typical corporate office.

On top of our office amenities, every team has its own quarterly team building day where we organize events like rock climbing, golf outings or gaming nights.

And if you're on a mission for further education, for the right candidates we sponsor industry certification and both undergraduate and postgraduate university degrees.

Code Challenges

If you feel you're the right person for the job and want to jump the queue, we welcome you to try one of our code challenges. You'll face off against one of our lead developers in a Face to Face or Skype timed challenge to test whether you’ve got the skills to be part of our development team.