About GeoMash


Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, GeoMash is a rapidly growing GIS technology vendor specializing in all forms of map based solutions for business.

Although more than 80% of enterprise data has a location dimension, this information is rarely used to inform better business decision making at the management level. GeoMash provides the technological Our enterprise technologies allow organisations to reduce cost, increase operational efficiencies and make better informed decisions by gleaning a better understandinf of their information through the world around them. Our internet technologies allow businesses and consumers alike to explore the world around them, collaborate on information 'on map', perform powerful analytics and visualise data in its geographic context.


Who We Are

Beyond being a group of skilled consultants, cartographers, geographers, architects, engineers, developers, analysts and designers we exist as a result of our ability to function, argue, adapt, evolve, and prevail together as a tight-knit group of individuals who value one another and our collective culture. We love what we do and consistently have a great time doing it.

Our team takes an interdisciplinary approach to providing thought leadership and cutting edge solutions in all forms of map-based software. We have a passion for what we do and thrive on finding creative solutions to the most daunting challenges.


What We Do

Through our specialized products, GeoMash enables its users to rapidly deploy map-based business and web-based applications without any previous knowledge of software development or GIS mapping technology.

Our software integrates seamlessly with your private company data to deliver spatial information in real time, and our robust, comprehensive set of business-logic, workflow and intention aware APIs make developing map-based solutions quicker, easier and cheaper.

Quick Facts:

- GeoMash 1.0 released in April 2008

- Successful deployments across ANZ, Asia and Europe markets