Mid Valley Coders Meetup

Code. Lunch. Code. Movies. Code. Coffee. Code. Sleep. Repeat.


Sound familiar? We think so too. After realizing that a good number of technology companies are located here in MidValley City, Kuala Lumpur, we thought it would be fun to organize get-togethers and events for coders and tech enthusiasts so we can all take breaks from our workloads and enjoy ourselves. With great restaurants, 10-pin bowling, laser tag and GSC’s largest movie theatre in town right at our doorstep, why shouldn’t we?


Don’t be turned away by the name though, we don’t believe in exclusivity. Coders, techies, designers, analysts, entrepreneurs, even those not based in MidValley City - anyone is welcome at our events where tech enthusiasts gather, talk technology and have fun.


We held our last event at our offices, complete with video games, great discussions and a pizza buffet. As the community grows and more members join, we’re excited to branch out and begin organizing monthly events and meet ups.


To join the discussion, join our Facebook Group and add your opinion! We look forward to meeting you.