About the Program

If you are an ambitious individual or dynamic organization who wishes to take advantage of GeoMash’s global network of companies, establishing a relationship as one of our partners is the fastest way for you to leverage a position in the lucrative and rapidly growing field of GIS technology. Location is a hot topic and the demand for spatially aware solutions is only getting bigger.

We provide our partners with an innovative technology portfolio to meet their customers' most demanding business challenges. The program empowers and rewards partners that deliver innovative solutions and services using GeoMash technologies.

GeoMash offers a wealth of resources, training programs and incentives for our partner organizations to succeed and profit within the IT sector.

Depending on your facilities, resources and capabilities, we’ve segmented our partnership opportunities so that you can identify which role best suits your strategy and level of commitment.

GeoMash Partners maintain at least one trained consultant and are accreditted to implement and provide basic services for GeoMash.

GeoMash Partners specialise in SME and simple portal deployments.

Earn the trust of your customers as an expert in geospatial solutions and earn incentive recognizing your commitment and success.

Our gold partners have shown a significant commitment to our platform, training a number of their technical and consulting staff to ‘Expert’ level as well as having successfully delivered a number of succesful GeoMash projects.

Gold Partners have preferential access to GeoMash Support as well as access to advanced APIs and features enabling custom GeoMapplet development.

Help enterprise customers architect, plan and deliver innovative business solutions leveraging the GeoMash portfolio of products.

Our diamond partners are our most trusted partners and are the real world experts in our technologies. Diamond partners regularly contribute to the development of our platform, GeoMapplets and documentation and are typically responsible for the largest and most complex GeoMash deployments.

Diamond Partners also enjoy all the benefits of the platinum program.

Diamond partnership recognizes the consistent achievement of excellence and identified a superior level of technical proficiency with GeoMash products. Diamond partners are involved with all aspects of the partner program and the full life-cycle of product.

GeoMash Independent Software Vendors help serve our wide range of clients clients by creating customized, industry-specific solutions. ISVs integrate their existing applications or develop mApplications on our platform, adding their own innovation to our technology to service specific industries or niche markets.

Build your own solutions using GeoMash software to deliver best-in-class features, functionality, performance and ROI. We award Independent Vendor status to those who demonstrate ingenuity and functionality in their software development.

GeoMash Service Providers offer cloud and SAAS solutions to our clients on a rental, subscription or services basis alllowing customers to take advantage of GeoMash solutions without the overhead of having to invest in licensing or hardware.

As a GeoMash Service Provider, you don't necessarily have to offer the full platform, for example as an ISV, you may also wish to be a Service Providers and only offer your own mApplication.

Becoming a GeoMash Service Provider requires a significant investment in cloud infrastructure - unless of course you already have it available.

So, you like the sound of the platform and want to work with us, but you're not quite sure if any of the above are a good fit?

We're always open to receiving creative business proposals, and if we can't help you directly, we can probably introduce you to on of our existing partners who can.

Get in touch with us and tell us what you have in mind. As we do receive a lot of interest, please provide a reasonable amount of detail in your proposal. We are unlikely to be excited by a one liner and even less likely to read War and Peace!

Become a Partner

Our partners are system integrators, consultants, independent software vendors and VARs - they provide value-added services and solutions that complement and extend our family of products.

Partners create and offer solutions involving all aspects of our product line.

Complete our enrollment process to join a program that can help you generate new business and set your company apart from the competition.

Stage One

Online application and submission of supporting documents, which can be found here.

Stage Two

You’ll present your candidacy to us as an applicant company and your application will be reviewed by our partnership committee for approval in principle.

Stage Three

You will undertake GeoMash platform training and implement 3 projects side by side with one of our existing diamond partners.

Stage Four

Review & Final Approval.

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