Build Your Own Apps

If you can’t find exactly the mApplication you’re looking for, or want to extend on one of our mApplications, you can build your own mApplications from the SDK with our robust set of enterprise aware APIs, license the source code of one of ours and extend from there, or integrate GeoMash maps into your existing applications.


Real world experience has shown that building map-centric applications on GeoMash can remove as much as 90% of the development effort as the architecture, platform, data management and geospatial manipulation tools are part of the platform; meaning all you have to do is build out your interface, business logic and any workflows


The APIs that expose the core functions of the back end are all REST, allowing you to choose your development platform based on business requirements, not our dictate.


The GeoMash SDK is a set of base functions that allow you to hit the ground running with your project, as opposed to hitting the ground out of frustration because you tried to do it all yourself. Supported SDKs are available for JavaScript, PHP and HackLang. Early access to SDKs (community support only) are available for .NET, Node.JS and Java.