Features & Benefits

Beautifully Styled Maps

Add data to your GeoMash maps with just a few simple clicks. Choose from multiple base maps including Google Maps, Google Earth, Microsoft Bing Maps, Here Maps (formerly Navteq) and Open Street Maps. Add custom markers, polygons and map styles to make your map one of a kind, highlight important information with infographics, charts and info windows.

Powerful Analytics

Leverage the location element in your business data to provide your organisation with valuable insights via the powerful spatial intelligence and location analaytics tools within GeoMash. Map geographic relationships in your data to identify and understand meaningful patterns, to gain greater insight and uncover opportunities. With the power of information, we help you to make more informed decisions, at any stage of development.

Collaborate in Real Time

Create map-based applications (mApplications) with your private data and limit use to only a department or an organization, or publish it straight to the web.

Safe and Secure

Leverage the same security you already have in your current organization with data that resides entirely on-site.

Your Place or Ours

Take advantage of our massive cloud environment or host the platform internally in your data centre.

Familiar Interface

Any employee who is familiar with Google Earth or Maps can work with your organization's data - without worrying about learning a new software program.

Complete Customisation

Manage how your data is viewed by your users with control over everything from color and visibility, to the attributes exposed in the pop-up bubbles.

Your Data is Your Data

Updates to your sensitive data remain in your organization's hands.

Made for Rapid Deployment

You don’t have to be a techie or sit through hours of technical training to use GeoMash. If you’re familiar with Google Earth or Google Maps, you’ll be able to get real value from the platform on day one.

Accessible to All

We offer a wide range of services to suit different needs, from startups & NFPs to multinational enterprise operations and government departments.

Ready to use Apps

Choose from a range of ready-to-deploy map-centric applications (mApplications), replete with customisable business logic, enterprise-grade security and a rich map-based user interface.

mAppStore and DataVault

The mAppstore gives you instant access to a variety of ready-to-go mApplications developed by GeoMash or GeoMash Partners. The DataVault provides a wealth of authoritative data from GeoMash, government bodies, educational institutions and private enterprises around the globe.


Control who has access to your maps and data with integration to common enterprise authorisation and authentication systems. Ensure that users only have access to the views, layers and mApps they need.


GeoMash provides a robust and extensible platform for power users and developers to build custom mApplications or extend existing applications through comprehensive APIs.



System Requirements

System Requirements



For SAAS instances of GeoMash, all you require is a recent browser and internet connectivity. 


On Site


The number and the specifications of servers required for an onsite deployment will vary widely depending upon your user base, the amount and type of data in the system and the nature of the applications you will be running.


Supported Operating Systems: Ubuntu LTS (latest), RHEL (latest).
The application stack requires: Nginx, HHVM and MongoDB.
The recommended minimum configuration for a small GeoMash Instance:
- 2 x Quad Core Processors
- 32 Gb RAM
- Mirrored 300Gb 10k SATA (System Partition)
- Raid 10 SSD (Data Partition) - Sized to your requirements

Platform Pricing

Platform Pricing

We pride ourselves on our accessibility to all, with most solutions being equally financially viable to startups and MNCs alike. We run a number of special pricing programs for EDU, NFP, SMEs and others whose ideas we think will change the world. Check out our Programs section to see if you qualify for anywhere between 10 - 100% discount off our products. Terms and conditions apply.

  Base Standard Enterprise
SAAS Platform  USD 5,500 USD 22,000 Contact for pricing
Onsite Deployment  Not Available Contact for pricing Contact for pricing

GeoMash Partner Network

The GeoMash Partner Network has global reach and a wealth of experience developing and delivering solutions for today’s toughest geospatial challenges.
If there isn’t a partner in your country, try one of our Diamond Partners who have experience delivering complex solutions to all quarters in partnership with local SIs and consulting firms.

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Compare Editions

Compare Editions

GeoMash Basic GeoMash Standard GeoMash Enterprise

Recommended for Startups, SMEs and Pilot Projects, the Basic package provides a single user, lightweight version suited for small-scale operations. Ready-to-deploy from the cloud, GeoMash Basic can be used without writing a single line of code. That said, our extensive and robust APIs allow you to develop your own custom solutions as well. You get the best of both worlds with GeoMash.

The Basic package comes with 1 mApplication and 100Gb storage.

The Standard package has proven to be the most popular choice for the majority of our clients. This classic version can be deployed from the cloud or on-site. Whichever you opt for, GeoMash Standard can be used without writing a single line of code while offering you the flexibility to develop your own custom solutions. The choice is yours.

This best-seller comes with 2 mApplications and 500Gb storage for complex data sets.

Designed for power users with massively intricate data sets, the Enterprise package is our heavyweight version that combines power with simplicity. Create visually stunning maps and map-based applications quickly and easily, without having to go through your IT or GIS team. Just like GeoMash Standard, this deluxe version is ready to be deployed from the cloud or on-site, and can be used without writing a single line of code. The same flexibility to develop your own custom solutions applies.

With GeoMash Enterprise, you will have access to unlimited mApplications and a whopping 2Tb storage. Power and simplicity combined, for those who take their business seriously.


  Standard Basic Enterprise
Available SAAS Y Y Y
Available Onsite Deployment N Y Y
Maximum Installed mApplications 1 2 Unlimited
Support for distributed architecture (Onsite Deployment) N N Y
Included Front End Servers (Onsite Deployment) NA 2 8
Included Middleware Servers (Onsite Deployment) NA 1 4
Included Database Servers (Onsite Deployment) NA 2 9
Included Queue Processing Servers (Onsite) NA NA 2
Support for off-board Applications (API Connector) No Option Yes
Supported Productions Instances 1 1 1
Supported Staging/QA Instances 0 0 1
Supported Dev Instances 0 1 1
Max Cores (Onsite Deployment) NA 4 16
Clustering Support (Onsite Deployment) NA NA Y
Included Storage (SAAS) 20Gb 500Gb 2Tb
Authorised Support Contacts 1 2 5
Support Hrs (Standard Support) 9-5 Business Days 9-5 Business Days 8-8 Business Days
Support Hrs (Premium Support) NA 8-8 Business Days 24x7x365
Uptime SLA (SAAS - Standard Support) 99.0 99.5 99.9
Uptime SLA (SAAS - Premium Support) 99.5 99.9* 99.999*
Response Time (Sev 1 - Standard Support) Next Business Day 4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours
Response Time (Sev 2 - Standard Support) 2 Business Days Next Business Day Next Business Day
Response Time (Sev 3 - Standard Support) 5 Business Days 2 Business Days 2 Business Days
Response Time (Sev 4 - Standard Support) Best Effort 5 Business Days 5 Business Days
Response Time (Sev 1 - Premium Support) NA 1 Business Hour 1 Business Hour
Response Time (Sev 1 - Premium Support - After Hours) NA 1 Hour 1 Hour
Response Time (Sev 2 - Premium Support) NA 4 Business Hours 4 Business Hours
Response Time (Sev 3 - Premium Support) NA Next Business Day Next Business Day
Response Time (Sev 4 - Premium Support) NA 2 Business Days 2 Business DAys
Support Options Email Email, Phone for Sev 1 Email, Phone or TV
Raster Formats Supported NA GeoTiff, JP2000 All GDAL (By Request)
Vector Formats Supported KML, CSV KML, CSV, TAB, SHP All GDAL (By Request)

* Excludes Map API provider SLA conflicts 

If you’re still not sure which GeoMash package is right for you, you can contact an expert at one our nearest offices or find a partner in your region so that we can assist you in finding a perfect match.